Abrirán el primer restauarante pa comer sin ropita!

Atenti chiquillos california! […]

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A group of nudists eat together at a Clothing Optional Dinner at a New York City restaurant February 17 2005 The diners arrived on a cold Thursday night looking remarkably respectable and stripped off scarves hats and coats They didn t stop there Sweaters shirts skirts pants underwear all end up stashed in a plastic bag by the bar This is the monthly Clothing Optional Dinner for a group of nudists who wanted something a bit more elegant than the wilderness getaways and beach resorts they generally frequent Around 30 people arrived for the buffet dinner -- no hot soup on the menu -- most of them middle-aged several married couples some singles the youngest perhaps in their 30s Health regulations mean staff must remain clothed even if they wanted to join in And diners must bring something to sit on -- a towel or for discerning women an elegant silk scarf FOR RELEASE WITH STORY LIFE-NAKED REUTERS Mike Segar

Será la mejor experiencia pa disfrutar un rico sanguche potito.. Literalmente..

El restaurant “Buyandi”, en Londres, abrirá sus puertas en junio y podrá disfrutar su plato favorito en pelotiyehue!

Aunque todavía queda un mes para la inauguración, ya hay más de seis mil personas en lista de espera.

Sólo 42 personas podrán disfrutar de esta experiencia, además pueden elegir entre estar en áreas para vestidos o no, donde serán atendidos por personal semidesnudo y el valor promedio serán 95 dólares, algo así como 65 lucas.

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